Collection: Specialty Spring Collection

We have new professionally formulated, non-drying soaps that are scented with pure essential oils only, & Spring inspired infused with organic ingredients like plant extracts. salt, fruits, flowers, honey, mineral-rich clays & plants like coconut. This provides your skin with variations of beneficial vitamins needed in different seasons. We believe it's wise to change your skincare routine & listen to your skin's needs. That's why we have Specialty Seasonal Soaps to keep skin pleasantly waken your skin. 

We hope you love this Specialty Spring Collection.


This is a Specialty Spring Collection Soap this means there was a specific amount made & it will only be available while supplies last.

  • We had a 5 Star experience. This soap making class was so fun, exciting and educational too. I'm so in love with the lavnder soap I made. I will definitely be bringing my daughter to another class.

    -Beth T.

  • My wife and I had a great time, Nicole and her husband where fantastic and we love there products.

    -Joe M.

  • Some friends and I took a class last weekend and our soaps turned out gorgeous! I never knew making soap was so neat. This was a fantastic girls day.

    -Yolando S.

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