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Thrive on Nature

Can't use drying commercial bar soap? Yea, we can't either. We provide your skin with beneficial & vitamin packed Spa Products

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You are NOT a car part. Stop washing like one!

YOU ARE much prettier, and you deserve more! We handcraft honest skin loving nature extracted spa products. We believe we can help you make a vitamin-rich sudsy change your skin will thrive from. From seeds to skin, wash with nature's purity.  

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  • Excellent Soap! I love all Natural Desires soaps, simply made but beneficial, lovely to look at, refreshing scent, this is my son's favorite scent, he has eczema and this does not trigger any rashes, leaves skin soft and smooth...

    -Shannon, Eucalyptus French Clay Soap

  • So soothing, First soap I tried. Very gentle, calming and moisturizing. I'm off to order more and even try some of the other ones on the site!

    -Latonya, Oatmeal Mik & Honey Soap

  • My New Everyday Lotion. I had such a hard time finding lotion without fragrance with good, solid ingredients that didn’t leave me greasy or left a cakey residue. This is hands down my favorite lotion I’ve ever tried. I will be buying until the day she stops making it!

    -Sarah, Face & Body Lotion

Your Messy Soap Maker

Need Real Soap? I'm your girl. I am Nicole Boshell, founder and messy maker of the pure products you see on this page. I love all things natural, and I struggled with problematic skin. Natural Desires Soap was born from the desire to guide us to happy, healthy skin. Through research, mother nature, and determination, the company has grown from a soap covered kitchen counter to a full-fledged small business. The dyes, preservatives, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and junk found in our standard skincare products do not serve our skin well. But, I've got good news, one small change to a soap formulated with earth harvested clays, plant oils, milk, teas, and essential oils will bring your skin nourishment, vitamins, and minerals with every lather. Creating happy, healthy skin. All of our products are homemade in Jacksonville, FL, in small batches to ensure every ounce brings meaningful moisture to your skin.


Let's Give Back Together

We donate our imperfect soaps to Waste Not Want Not. From there our soaps get distrubed to homeless shelters, battered woman shelters and the Love Cleans Shower Truck to offer sudsy showers to those in need here in Jacksonville FL. We can make a difference in your skin and our community. One soap bar at a time.

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