What's in Our Soap?

  What's in our soap………
  Unlike commercial soaps that take out the glycerine and other beneficial ingredients. We ONLY make our soaps with beneficial ingredients. All of our soaps contain coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, glycerine, water, oat protein, and of course goat milk. If you know anything about these ingredients, you already know how amazing our soap is for your skin.
  Goat milk is in all of our soaps, it has too many advantages for your skin not to use it every time. Goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid. Lactic acid will tear dead cells apart removing them from your skin. This leaves fresh, new skin cells on the surface. This action makes your skin look younger and healthier. Goat milk also contains many Vitamins that your skin needs, mostly Vitamin A. Vitamin A is crucial to restoring impaired skin tissue and helps achieve the glowing, healthy, beautiful skin you want.
  Our Goat milk soaps do have other ingredients added depending on what you order. If you order a Cinnamon goat milk soap, this soap will contain real cinnamon. If you order a lemon bar it will have real lemon peel shreds, lemon essential oil and a natural yellow earth mica colorant powder. Our homemade soap operation allows us to customize these soaps to your liking. So if you don’t want lemon peel shreds you can easily customize your soap before checking out. Honey soaps include organic honey for amazing moisturizing properties. Our green tea soap contains green tea herbs and tea tree oil. I think you are getting where we are going with this, read your description of your soap during check out. If there are any questions about ingredients you can email us at Naturaldesiressoapco@gmail.com.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about what is in our soaps and how our soaps will rejuvenate your skin. Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it. Love your skin and treat it one bar at a time with love and natures ingredients.
We truly care

Dragonfly Paint Party Class Fri. May 31th 6:30

This Class Includes a set of oen 16x20 canvas, all supplies and step by step instructions by a Talented Art Teacher! Beginners welcome and all painters leave with a finished painting. So gather your Mom & friends and their Children 6 and older and let’s create artistic memories. Admission is $42.00

  • We had a 5 Star experience. This soap making class was so fun, exciting and educational too. I'm so in love with the lavnder soap I made. I will definitely be bringing my daughter to another class.-Beth T.

  • My wife and I had a great time, Nicole and her husband where fantastic and we love there products.-Joe M.

  • Some friends and I took a class last weekend and our soaps turned out gorgeous! I never knew making soap was so neat. This was a fantastic girls day.-Yolando S.