About Us

At Natural Desires Soap Company, we help you achieve healthy, hydrated, revitalized skin the natural way. If you struggle with eczema, redness, dryness, itchiness, acne, overly oily, problematic, dull skin, or you're just in search of pure and honest skincare. Firstly, Girl, I hear you! I've been there. Secondly, you are in the right place. Our authentic earthly ingredients are sufficient for your body's needs, hope, and relief.
 I am Nicole Boshell, Founder of Natural Desires Soap-  herbalist, and messy soap maker of dermatologist-recommended bath and body products. Driven by the desire to assist you with the knowledge and the purest earth mind remedies to serve your body, the genuine love it deserves. Before, I smelled like a different plant every day (I love essential oils), and before I made homemade natural soap like a soap gal gon wild. I had the same skin irritations you may experience.
Once I was teary-eyed, begging my fiance to quickly apply lotion on my dehydrated, stinging, itchy back. Expecting lotion to relieve my discomfort, and it did for about an hour, and then the sensation came back.This terrible skin sensation reoccured after I washed often. It turns out that when your toxin-filled store-bought commercial soap is the cause. Your toxin-filled store-bought lotion won't be an effective solution. Duh.
Store-bought skin care products commonly use dangerous or filler ingredients to mass-produce their products. Ingredients you find in your engine cleaners, glass cleaner, garage floor cleaner, etc. Guess what, you're not a car part, or a window, or a garage floor, you're much prettier. You don't deserve to have these skin irritations or to worry about what dangerous chemicals have soaked into your bloodstream and now affect your hormones, fertility, or overall health. I make our lotions, scrubs, body butters, and natural homemade soaps in Jacksonville, FL, with the whole pure botanicals, plant oils, clays, and essential oils.  Through mother nature's givingness, a little ingenuity, and a steadfast commitment, we have made it possible to live a beneficial, healthy lifestyle.


Clay Earring & Macrame Class March 24th 1:00

Join us for a one-of-a-kind creative experience where the worlds of polymer clay  and macramé weaving collide! In this unique workshop collaboration, you'll have the opportunity to learn the intricate techniques of both polymer clay earring design and macramé knotting from Attia Designs and Lolo's Macrame.

In the polymer clay earring segment, you'll explore the fascinating art of shaping,  and baking polymer clay into stunning, wearable works of art.  Next, immerse yourself in the ancient craft of macramé, where you'll discover the meditative rhythm of knotting and weaving intricate patterns using high-quality cords and fibers. 

  • We had a 5 Star experience. This soap making class was so fun, exciting and educational too. I'm so in love with the lavnder soap I made. I will definitely be bringing my daughter to another class.-Beth T.

  • My wife and I had a great time, Nicole and her husband where fantastic and we love there products.-Joe M.

  • Some friends and I took a class last weekend and our soaps turned out gorgeous! I never knew making soap was so neat. This was a fantastic girls day.-Yolando S.