You know your a natural soap lover when.......

You know your a natural soap lover when.......

Natural homemade handcrafted soaps are not only loved because they are incredible for your skin. They are also loved for their scent, their feel, and their looks. They are just fun all around! That's why there are so many natural soap addicts... haha (yes, you know who you are) Here are 4 simple ways to reveal if your one of many people that love natural soap too much!

You now your a natural soap lover when...
• When telling your kids you are going wash their mouths out with soap in no longer a threat because natural soap doesn't taste so bad.

• When you wash your face too much during your showers.

•When you find yourself losing track of time smelling your soap.

• When you forget your natural bar of soap at home and you are stuck with hotel soap. So instead, you end up not washing at all or only taking showers to rinse off because you refuse to put what's in those commercial bars on your skin.


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