What inspires me?

What inspires me?

I have enjoyed every moment of this journey of creating Natural Desires Soap Company. I love natural soap creations & how soft my skin has become. I really can’t stop smiling when I go to visit someone’s home and see the soap that I worked hard to make, sitting on their counter for me wash my hands.

My whole life through every job or school programs I have been involved in as an adult I have wanted one thing and that was to make a difference. I say as a adult because we are not counting my teenage job at a small movie theatre..haha. I originally wanted to be in the medical field & even graduated in the medical field. Only to then be very intrigued in these toxic chemicals we were washing with daily.

My goal has not changed though, I’m still inspired to make a difference in the world! A difference in the largest organ on your body. Your skin! I know the more people become aware of how the junk filled store bought soaps may be playing a part in skin cancer, worsening their dry skin, eczema, & rashes, creating hormone imbalances and more. They will no doubt make a change to natural soap. That is why I strive & grow in knowledge every day about what is the absolute best for our skin. I have made soaps from abundance of research and experiments that have proven to be the most beneficial. I also strive to give the most affordable price and delivery so that being healthy is still affordable and easy.

My drive being to help others skin issues with the all natural ingredients. I knew I still must be different so I decided to more creative with my product. To make the most beautiful natural goat milk soaps on the market. Other natural goat milk soap company’s are very plain jane just squared soap, bland colors, & some even have goats on them. Although my soaps are highly composed of all the vitamins whole goats milk has to offer is also is fun to look at & smell. Some of our soaps you can even find a hand carved heart in between the layers. Just to remind you that I make these soaps to help you naturally love, care, improve your skin. My hope is more people are informed about the dangers of commercial soaps and decide to choose natural & healthy. When this happens I will be here to help with vibrant natural soaps that will make your skin soft and clear.

Owner Of Natural Desires Soap Company 

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I just fell in love with the soaps they make my body feel smooth and they smell good um addictive to the natural soaps

Lamesa Gassett

As I grow older my skin is drying out like a prune. Your soap makes my skin feel silky smooth after using it.

Bobbie Boshell

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