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The average woman is exposed to 500 synthetic chemicals a day! We easily use about 12 personal care products a day & 60% of what is put on your skin soaks into your bloodstream. These toxins can cause hormone imbalances, problematic skin, sleeping problems, rashes, weight complications & those are the mild side effects. There are so many more researchers have found linked to these chemicals.

I don’t usually throw all these crazy facts at you, but I do think we need to notice this problem. I do want to touch base on a big reason I started Natural Desires Soap in the first place. We can live healthier, revitalizing, happy lives if we choose natural more often. I am not saying go to your vanity & throw your whole make up bag away. I am also not saying you have to buy all my products to be healthy. I’m just saying you can choose smarter.

Choose to reach for coconut oil instead of paraben & synthetic fragrance filled lotions. Check out what’s in your household cleaners before spraying them all over. Choose to switch them out with an essential oil mixture that will get the job done naturally & will not give you a headache when you breathe it in. Choose to read how many sulfates, phthalates & EDTA is in your body wash before you lather it all over. Choose to replace that wash with a product that has ingredients in it you can pronounce. Oh, & by the way, you don’t need make up every single day. You only need makeup some days & try using the minimum. Please don’t ever sleep with makeup on all night. Those are a few habits we can stop or change. By choosing natural in your daily life, you can dramatically improve your life’s paths with better health.

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