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No Parabens

NO PARABENS HERE! Parabens do not belong to your skincare. ⁣

⁣  What are Parabens? Parabens are a type of preservative, but it’s not necessary and is known to disrupt your body's hormones. ⁣

⁣  According to the Campaign of Safety, Cosmetics Parabens mimic estrogen in your body & may create toxicity in the reproductive system as well as other complications. This p-word has snuck its way into a ton of skincare products. ⁣

⁣  We believe in pure natural ingredients that do not affect your body's natural hormones. You will not find parabens in any of our genuine plant oil products. ⁣Read your label and know what your buying. Your health is worth it.

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My fertility doctor told me that I had to switch to natural products to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I never knew that dove soap could hurt my chances of pregnancy. Thank you for these informative blogs and real nature made soap!


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