“My skin is so dry.”

“My skin is so dry.”

The number 1 statements I get in my inbox is you saying “Do you have something for dry skin?” “My skin is so dry do you think your soap will help?” “My skin gets dry & itchy”

Firstly, Girl, I have been there, done that & it was terrible.

Secondly, any of our soaps will be more moisturizing to your skin than a store-bought soap that is commonly made with junk, high lighter mica colors, glitter, or sulfates.

80% of people have skin complications like dry skin, rashes, eczema, or even overly oily skin. This is why I have a natural soap company in the first place.

Our soap is made with only beneficial ingredients that moisturize your skin like cocoa butter, olive oil, and ultra-nourishing honey.

Your dry skin may just be craving something natural & pure. Something nature created just for your benefit. We carefully formulate our soaps with extra super fat which means there are extra plant oils to nourish your skin while washing. It even lathers like a bubbly lotion.

I am here to catch you if you’re struggling. This is why I make natural soap with you in mind. If you any questions about your skin type & irritations don’t hesitate to email me.
Your Messy Soap Maker,
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