Did you know a loofah is a vegetable? Yep! Before being dried & bleached clean to create a exceptional exfoliating sponge it looks very similar to a cucumber & you can eat it! It’s so wild the way nature provides us with a food & a sponge all in one plant.

Loofah is a plant grown in warm, dry regions like India & the Middle East. When the loofah is ripe it can be cooked & eaten. It is a popular food in Asia & is also known as “Chinese Okra”

Unlike the plastic man made loofahs in our stores, the plant loofah is straight from nature & a great way to bring your shower & skin to a whole new meaning of natural. Although when touching a loofah dry it seems super abrasive. When it is wet or combined with soap like our Mica Litsea Loofah Soap is becomes softer.

The loofah, still being a super scrubby scrub may be a little rough on sensitive areas such as your armpits. You really have to find out where you enjoy it the most. (I personally like to lather my face & the loofah with soap to scrub my skin chin & cheeks where I sometimes develop flaky skin.) It naturally removes dead skin cells for smoother looking skin. Just like any sponge to prevent your loofah from growing bacteria let it dry completely between showers. If you haven’t tried a loofah scrub it is definitely worth it. We have real loofahs available here while supplies last.

Thank you for reading. Have a SOAPtastic day.
Your Messy Soap Maker,
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