Big Lemon Honey Soap On A Rope

Lemon Bar Love

Lemon Bar Love


  If you're anything like me you love the smell of fresh lemon in the kitchen. Lemon scent is so fresh and clean. 


  There are so many great benefits to using lemons, lemon essential oil and natural lemon soap. Besides the wonderful aroma of course. Lemon itself is a very nice cleaner and that's why is used in many homes to help keep or kitchens and even bathrooms clean. Lemon essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Which makes is incredible to have in your soap. Don't put lemon essential oils directly in your skin, it's very strong and could be irritating.


  Our lemon goat milk soap and our lemon honey goat milk soap smell fresh, clean, and delightful. They will clean your skin while nourishing at the same time. The lemon peel grounds make this soap look stunning for your tub, shower or sink. This bar will satisfy your skin and brighten up your day!

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