Help Save Our Environment

Help Save Our Environment

You can save your skin and help save the earth at the same time! You can do this by the choice you make in soap. You can either have a natural products that will break down and fertilize our planet or chemicals that pollute our planet.

It's all up to you to help make a difference. Every single day you take a shower! The soap suds along with the water are linked to a pond. So if your using a conventional soap you buy at the grocery store than you are polluting our world.

All standard commercial soaps contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin and our environment. Let me repeat that ALL standard soaps are TERRIBLE.
They contain dyes, parabens, SLS, or triclosan. These ingredients negatively affect your skins microbiota balance and disrupt our plants. Antibacterial soaps can be even worse. I know this is frustrating to find out but unfortunately after years of washing with these soap, how bad they are is just coming to light.

On the other hand natural soaps do not contain these awful ingredients. Natural soaps are made with ingredients provided by nature. Our soaps will break down into our earth and fertilize our plants with what they need. At Natural Desires Soap Company we believe that you should use the best on your skin and help our environment. We also know that nature provides us with everything we need to be healthy. Our soaps are pure and gentle to clean and love your skin. We hope that you want to save your skin and our world.
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