3 Healthy Skin Tips

3 Healthy Skin Tips

Healthy skin here we come!

1. Always moisturize. A lot of you tell me you don't need to moisturize after using our soaps because your skin isn't dry. Therefore, you don’t need to. Yes, our soaps do moisturize & wash but you get should never let your skin go a feel 12-hour day without adding moisture to it. It helps with your skin elasticity & keeps it feeling plump & youthful.
2. Never use scolding HOT water. I know you don't like to hear this one but I didn't make the rules. I just share the rules. lol. Super hot water strips your pores of its natural oils & damages skin cells. Stick with warm water, especially on your face.
3. Always choose natural. Don't pick a junk-filled moisturizer to moisturize your skin. You will do more damage than good. I would rather you go get avocado oil out of your pantry to moisturize with over a chemical-packed product. Try to switch to natural products by replacing one product at a time. You will get there & your skin will be happy!

I hope this helps🤍
Your Messy Soap Maker,

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