Goat Milk Soap For Your Baby

Goat Milk Soap For Your Baby

Goat Milk Soap for Your Baby
  Your baby’s skin is brand new, very soft, and so sweet. Why would anyone ever do anything to harm these skin cells? Just because it says baby soap doesn't mean that EVERYTHING IN IT IS GOOD for any one’s skin let alone precious baby skin.

 So, you’re thinking why goats milk soap? Goat milk has extremely high fat content and that helps your skin hold hydration instead of drying it out. Goats milk also contains vitamins A and B2. Put a soap on your baby’s skin that was made naturally with love instead of in a factory.

   Two different popular baby soaps both contain fillers that more just lather rather than nourish. These commercial baby soaps contain the ingredient Sodium Benzoate. This ingredient has been known to deprive your skin cells of oxygen. Your skin is your largest organ. It needs to breath to remain healthy.

 We believe that you should have the best products for your skin and we know every mom wants what is best for her baby. We want to help you protect and hydrate your baby’s skin from the start.
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