FIVE Things women with super-soft skin always do

FIVE Things women with super-soft skin always do

It doesn't take any crazy experience machine or a glam squad to keep their skin smooth, glowing, and soft. It just takes a little time and a routine. They make their skin priority and it is worth it! No magic potion. You can do it too.

ONE They choose a razor with the most blades. More blades give you a closer shave. Every single swipe is getting every single hair because there are more blades to do so.

TWO They alway moisturize with a natural product after they shower. Sometimes it may be a lovely mixture of oils, maybe just coconut oil, or a natural lotion. Doing this right after the shower doesn't give your skin any time to dry out. Dried out skin will never equal a smooth beautiful glow.

THREE They don't touch their face. Touching or rubbing your face creates wrinkles as well as oil and grease build up. Tapping your finger on your cheek or resting your chin in your hands puts bacteria on you face causing breakouts and clogged pores.

FOUR They use SPF daily. The sun rays affects your skin daily, cause wrinkles, and cancer. Even if it's winter or you're not planning to go in the sun that day. The sun will most likely touch your nose and forehand at some point during the day. Protect your skin!

FIVE They alway use natural products. Natural soap, dead sea salt bars, lotions, oils, even natural sunblock. They are aware of what is in unnatural products and they would never risk hurting their new skin cells.

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I have a thyroid problem my skin is always dry ..

TIna Powell

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