Essentail Oils & Their Benefits

Essentail Oils & Their Benefits

Just a little list of some incredible essential oils and their benefits. Essential oils should be in everyone’s home. They are natures gifts to us!

LAVENDER- for pain relief, muscle relaxation, reduces stress and tension, gets rid of tension headache
CHAMOMILE- reduces inflammation and pain, smoothed digestive system and gas, eczema and migraine headaches
SWEET MARJORAM- relieves toothache if applied on tooth
EUCALYPTUS- helps unblock sinuses
PEPPERMINT- helps relieve sinuses, pain reliever, arthritis relief, helps swelling and kills fungal infection, helps with IBS
ROSEMARY- helps introvert blood circulation, relieves muscle pain and spasms
THYME- actor or chronic back, muscles and joint pain
GINGER- relieves sore muscles and joint pain, reduce swelling
FRANKINCENSE- reduces muscle tension, stress relief
LEMON- detoxifying, anti-septic, astringent, anti-infection, disinfectant, anti-fungal
GRAPEFRUIT- activate hunger, anti-inflammatory, anti carcinogenic



This is why we love essentail oils in our homemade goat milk soaps. Nature always provides.

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