Don’t buy commercial "store bought" soap

Don’t buy commercial "store bought" soap

If your skin is dry, it is not your skins fault- it is your soap! Commercial “store bought” soaps remove beneficial ingredients & replace them with harsh chemicals to create a cheaper priced bar of soap. 


Commercial soaps are really just detergents. These detergents are used to harden the bar to make it last longer, to make them foam like real soap would or even to bring the price tremendously low to get consumers to buy them. When your buying chemicals that are found in your house cleaners to take a shower with. It is harmful to your body. We all need a real bar of soap.


Glycerin is a natural skin softener, that is highly prized and valued. Typical commercial soap companies have all the glycerin removed to sell it separately or to put in other products. In a homemade natural soap the glycerin remains in the soap to soften your skin as intended. This is one of the many reasons why store commercial soap is lower priced and why natural homemade soap is a bit more pricey.


We believe in using ingredients that only nature provides and we never remove what your skin craves. Our soap will ensure nourished, clean, smooth skin. Stop buying chemicals for your skin. Give your skin the thirst quenching benefits of a natural homemade goat milk soap bar.

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