All About Sweet Almond Oil

All About Sweet Almond Oil

We believe sweet almond oil is an extremely beneficial beauty & bath product. This is why we use it in our soaps. It’s also beneficial for message oils, scrubs, & even your lips. It’s incredibly moisturizing for every skin type.

Sweet almond oil is high in vitamin B2, A, and E. Sweet almond oil is produced by you guessed it,.. almond trees. The kernels from the trees are pressed to create sweet almond oil which is rich in fatty acids, zinc, & protein.

Sweet almond oil being so high in fatty acids and proteins is why it is so nourishing to your skin. The oils sink in quickly leaving it smooth and helping prevent break outs. It is tremendously helpful with eczema & psoriasis because is has hypoallergenic properties. This makes the oil moisturize without further irritation to any sensitive skin condition.

Let’s just say sweet almond oil should be included in your skin products almost daily. It is just all around a great product created by nature. Love your skin again with natures ingredients.
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