All About Honey

All About Honey

All About Honey


Let’s talk about our organic honey and how to revitalize and boost your skins natural glow. Yes, the completely natural honey that comes from nature’s honey bees. Raw honey is incredible for your skin thanks to the antibacterial properties and the huge serving of skin repairing antioxidants. Honey opens up your pores making them easy to clean. Honey's antibacterial properties will work wonders for acne treatment and prevention. Honey is full on antioxidants that will help slow down aging. Honey is soothing and extremely moisturizing for your skin. It will give your complexion an amazing boost.

Our Goat milk soap with raw organic honey will give you all these benefits and so much more. Your skin will thank you for making the change. During the winter honey is the way to go to keep your skin from cracking and drying out.

 A lot of people don't know what is actually in their shaving creams. Ingredients like propylene gylcol, sulphate, palmitic acid, isopentane. These chemicals make it hard for your skin to hydrate on its own. When shaving use our honey goat milk soap instead.  It will lather up amazing, moisturize like no other, and help prevent that unwanted razor burn and irritation.

 We have 4 Goat milks soaps that include organic honey. Honey oatmeal soap is mixture of oatmeal and honey and smells like a delicious granola bar. Big Soap on a Rope for him is 8 oz. of a lemon honey mixture to help get the grime away. Lemon honey soap is a smaller version of the Big Soap on Rope for the ladies that couldn’t stay away from the soap they bought for him. Then we have just plain old honey, it smells very natural and is not always plain. You can customize your honey soap! Choose your mold and add a little shimmer if you would like. You can also save 30% on our “honey lovers bundle” and try our top 3 honey soaps. You can find out which honey soap you like best. Go to our catalog to see these all natural homemade soaps. These honey soaps will love your skin one bar at time.


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