Cinnamon Benefits

Cinnamon Benefits

Cinnamon is just one of the powerful products nature provides us. It has so many benefits. It tastes great and smells super yummy.

Cinnamon is produced in the bark of the cinnamon vurem tree. Cinnamon vurem is a type of evergreen tree and it has very soft bark. Most of our cinnamon comes from Indonesia. Cinnamon farmers shave the bark off the tree and after the roll of bark dries. Then it is cut into cinnamon sticks and sometimes crushed into powder.

This magical little powder has so many uses. Being used to cook and make drinks are a couple ways it is used. It has been said by health professionals to help lower blood sugar and even lower risk of heart disease. Cinnamon essential oil is an amazing natural digestive aid and a circulation booster. Putting cinnamon on your skin will help repair tissue and scaring. While fighting bacteria that causes acne and swelling.

We should all use cinnamon more! It smells incredible and takes care of us naturally. That is the best way.

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