5 reasons to shop homemade gifts!

5 reasons to shop homemade gifts!

Buying homemade is incredible and easier in so many ways. I am obviously in the homemade community because I make homemade soap, but take that away and I still believe buying homemade is smart. I really don’t think many people can argue with that. Especially if you have ever received a homemade gift.
Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Your gift will stand out! Buying homemade makes your gift different and your loved ones will always remember that one time you bought them that homemade product that they loved.

2. You will get a high quality product. Every homemade artist really takes their time to make there product the best. You get something that is built to last and does what it says is does. There is no cutting corners saying how can we make this cheap and save money.

3. It's always great to feel like you're ‘going green’ or helping the environment in some way. If you buy homemade especially locally you have done that by not using a waste producing factory.

4. You can get it gift wrapped and or customized. Getting your loved ones gift wrapped saves some of your precious time. Some company’s (like mine) will let you customize your products color or personalize your gift wrapping tag. The gift receiver will love that touch and know your gift is one of a kind.

5. You can avoid all the super crowded stores like Target. Don’t get me wrong I love Target, but at this time of the year stores like this get ridiculously busy. You feel good you think got everything and then you see the line that you will be standing in for a hour. Yes shopping home made can cost a little bit more but it is worth saving your time and you can also get is shipped straight your loved ones home!

Homemade is the best way to go, stand out and be merry this Christmas!


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